June 12, 2016

Mercury moves into his home sign of Gemini. Choices abound. Neptune is in his retrograde station. Expect to shift your perspective and revisit a somewhat confusing situation. Eventually to be cleared up. Meanwhile, The Hanged Man meets the World and one must surrender to circumstances. The World is bringing clarity and purpose to The Hanged Man who has spent long enough hanging around, gaining illumination.


New Moon in Gemini June 4, 2016

Gemini new moon

It has been a long, labor-intensive game of pick up sticks, and we are not done yet.  New Moons represent new beginnings, the planting of a seed, and the conception of an idea. We are giving birth to the Gemini vision: education, travel, perception, communication, teaching, and understanding. One could revisit the Mutable Muddle of a few months back, as that is what we have here. Mutable, changeable, adaptable, fluid, flexible, teamwork. Mutable energy in the angular houses. These are our navigational areas, of self, home, others and work.  The inner compass is shifting in all these arenas. Occurring slowly as we still have Mars, our personal drive, and Saturn, work and responsibilities, retrograde in Sagittarius and sitting on the Ascendant (presentation) of this chart. While the Gemini energy is clamoring to get going, the braking energy is saying, not so fast, slow down, build for the future.  Long term vision, requiring much adaptability in the moment.  Shifts and changes coming about through good communication and attention to detail.


The Gemini energy, which includes Lady Venus is offering options, ideas and solutions to the long term T square involving Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn, Mars in Sagittarius. I heard today that squares are like a staircase, one step up at a time gets you to the destination and new ground, with new vistas.  Small steps for the next month. Jupiter, high in the sky, is offering constant correction and help. Jupiter is a benefic, it helps us out, offering second chances, advice and aid.  New country is Jupiter’s realm.  In Virgo, you have your kit packed and ready to go. This time Jupiter is in the professional arena, so polish up your resume, put on your happy face, and ask for that raise or promotion. The catch is, you must have already done the work that deserves this kudo, and it may be a retrograde kind of reward. Remember, how I have been reminding you to go back to last fall, or perhaps even further back, to find the roots of this current situation.  The Pisces planets in the 4th house of home, family and foundations make the path ahead magical, mystifying, promising, and frightening. Old boundaries and forms are dissolving and we are creating new forms with that Sag energy on the Ascendant. What was thought solid may need some work to secure that dream.  South node and Chiron down here suggest that old habits are coming to light, and will be allowed to grow and change with the bright new energy of the Gemini Moon.  Also, with that Sun/Moon is our planet of love and money, Venus.  Right with those two, so her energy is magnified as she joins with your inner mother and father to birth something that you love, that brings you joy. Gemini is always the time to celebrate friends, but this New Moon in particular, as it falls in the 7th house of relationships. Opposite Saturn/Mars, so stick to your beliefs, but allow for compromise.  You are wearing the cloak of Saturn/Mars. Time matters, work matters, loyalty, trust and teamwork all matter. The ruler of all the Gemini energy is Mercury, all by itself in Taurus, earth, solid, persevering, truthful, kind. Mercury is having a productive conversation with Pluto and Jupiter, and this private event provides the infrastructure for the energy of the New Moon. Solid, yet flexible, providing an intuitive framework for the mercurial nature of the current shifts. With Jupiter, the bringer of joy, is the north node, the path ahead. The businessman meets with the guy holding all the power, and the guy with the ideas.  Kind of like Shark Tank.  It is all in the presentation. Have your facts straight, and all will move forward. Even deeper than that is the lingering Pluto/Uranus square pushing for individual authenticity. This is another positive lunation, there is much work involved, but the next two weeks leading up to the Full Moon, again in Sagittarius, will be productive, leading to the completion of at least some tasks, lightening the load a bit, and lending a sense of optimism to the months ahead.

Train your eyes on the southeast night sky this month.  Bright red orange Mars in the south forms a triangle with golden Saturn to the east and blinking red Antares in Scorpio to the south point. (Stars twinkle, planets give off solid light)  Quite bright.  Over in the west shines Jupiter, so there is the theme of the month. Mars carries us forward, Saturn tempers that, Scorpio reminds us to let go and Jupiter’s bright promise acts as a beacon for us to follow.


Tarot Class Update:  Some of you know that I have Stargazer Siberian Sanctuary, which currently houses 27 of my furry Siberian Husky friends.  After a tumultuous few years, I moved to my present location in Chehalis last August, thinking I was secure for the time being.  Unfortunately, my lease is not being renewed, so I can either try to buy this place, or I have to find another in the next couple of months.  Does this sound like anything I have been writing about? Back to last fall…At any rate, I am going to hold off on Tarot classes until August.  I am still planning on Monday evenings at Jamie Lee and Co.  This should also allow for some of you who were unable to attend in June/July to take part. Keep your fingers crossed for my Siberians and me.


Susan, Barnstormer

Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2016

Sagittarius-Full-Moon-On May 21st we have the Sagittarius Full Moon.The Sun will have just stepped into Gemini, the sign of communication, perception, versatility, creativity, imagination, adaptability, duality  and movement. Did you feel that shift of energy forward out of Taurus?  For good or bad, the roadblocks are lifting and releasing at the Full Moon. Then Mercury moves forward. Further down the road, in a few months, first Mars and then Saturn will move forward again.  These two are important players as they are in the sign of the Full Moon, Mars being at the same degree as the Moon in the earliest degrees of Sagittarius.  New plan, new days, reinvent. What just happened?  The unexpected moment when the path ahead is cleared, but not sure how or when we will arrive. Mercury retrograde is treading water in Taurus, about to start plowing ahead. Mars likes being in Sagittarius, fiery explorer of new domains, defender of space, a seeker of higher ground.With the Moon, it is looking for home, fighting for what it needs and values. Mercury and Saturn are frustrated with each other at this Full Moon, one half step forward, assess, shift, backtrack, repeat. This is that slow, step by step process that I have been writing about for the last few weeks. Venus at the very top of the chart, shining strong in Taurus, emphasizing our moral code, walking our own path, following our own inner guide. Mars at the bottom, the foundation, somewhat held captive between Saturn and the Moon, yet still fighting to move forward, Jupiter at the bucket handle, still performing its sorting work in Virgo, mapping out the next few months with the vision of Sag, the flexibility of Gemini and the determination of Virgo. Earthy, mutable energy with emphasis in the angular houses. This is making adjustments to your home, self, others, and the workplace.  Sagittarius is full of hope for something new on the horizon. Time to move forward. Sagittarius is associated with Temperance.  Have patience while the new form takes shape.  Gemini relates to The Lovers. Have patience with tough decisions in the near future that require slow steps towards the long term vision. Mars with the Moon. The Tower and the High Priestess.  Trust your intuition as you break through restriction, freeing yourself up and healing old wounds, and creating new patterns in your life.

New Moon in Taurus 5/6/16

bull-in-nature-weheartit-300x223New Moon in Taurus coming up on Friday, May 6th.  Earth energy has arrived to green up our lives and to bring progress to the last few months.It does this slowly, in that fixed Taurean way, which does build from the ground up, and establishes with integrity, value, beauty and strength.  The five car retrograde train is still chugging in reverse, so precise, cautionary, methodical by design is the plan.  The big guy, Jupiter, is soon to turn direct, so that will start things rolling forward for us. Although Jupiter in Virgo rolling forward, with Mars/Saturn still retrograde in Sagittarius, can be in a word, annoying.Kind of like that old game of pick up sticks. You have to carefully place one stick at a time to avoid tipping the whole thing over.So many sticks, so carefully placed, so much to do. There is movement though,and we can feel that energy picking up and slowly moving us forward.  Venus is the ruler of this lunation, so relationships, finances, love, joy, feelings, desires are all on the front burner for now.  Maybe this new moon is asking us to put aside worry, responsibility, anxiety, impatience, and to enjoy the moment.  We need to remember the process, the cycle that is beginning here, which may take months to complete. Venus and Taurus.  This is the energy of the Empress and of the Hierophant. Living in accordance with your own beliefs, moving in a direction that feels right for you, not just because it is front of you. The Empress develops projects over time, one thing after another, finally leading to fruition. This lunation emphasizes fixed earth, which means fixing in place, developing those ideas and plans which started last fall.  In addition to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter in earth, there is Pluto in Capricorn, which is having quite a serious conversation with this new moon. Memory, family, friends, needs, home, and comfort are all under consideration.  This is a pivotal new moon, where life turns towards a new chapter as summer begins to bloom around us and the light continues to grow for another few weeks. Coming out of the darkness, awakening to new possibilities, attempting to keep that pile of sticks from collapsing are all part of this process. Doors close, new doors open. Tough times for many, but this is a benefic new moon, one that begs us to attach to those things we love and to release that which no longer matters.  Cutting away the dead wood, to let the new growth spring forth. The Sun will move into quicksilver Gemini before the Scorpio full moon later this month. Enjoy the next couple of weeks, as life springs into action around us, filling us with the promise of the new. There is much work to be done.  Find the work you love, and work at it with joy. This is the message of the Taurus new moon.


Tarot Class Update:


Yelm area:  6 weeks beginning in June on Tuesday evenings from 6-8PM Cost $160 I need six people committed to the class, to secure the Yelm Community Center. So, let me know. Learning Tarot is a creative, experiential process.  I love teaching it, and you will love learning it.  Expect to read at every class and to participate in some live action Tarot.


Happy May


Susan, Barnstormer


Elwha River in Spring (J.Chao 4-23-10)

Elwha River in Spring (J.Chao 4-23-10)

May is the beginning of summer in the Pacific Northwest. Life is in full growth around us, resplendent with greens of all hues, blossoms, and filled with lively,baby animals.Life bursts forth with its great push towards the Sun. This is the time of the Green Man and Green Woman, the Lords of all Life. May is ruled by the sign of Taurus, whose ruler is Venus. This is the country of the Hierophant and the Empress. We see Venus wearing the robes of the Empress when we look outside at the beautiful natural world at this time of year. Birth has occurred, and this is the time of growth, development, and expansion. Each season of the solar year has its job to perform, its work to accomplish, before the next door swings open on its great solar hinge timed to the turning of the earth as it performs the annular passage around the Sun. There is no resistance to this passage, Happening like clockwork, year in and year out. Following this pattern in our own lives we perform these cycles of birth, growth, life, change, and death. The seed is planted, watered, weeded, flowers, fruits, is harvested, and returns to the Earth. The Empress represents these natural cycles. She loves her offspring every stage of the way. She nurtures, contains, supports, and pushes at the appointed time. This May, encourage your own growth, love what has been birthed, and honor that which is passing away. Some parts of your life lay fallow in order to renew, some show beginning shoots pushing towards the light, while others lay in unturned ground, awaiting the tilling that prepares the soil. These past few months, even the last couple of years have been spent eliminating the old growth, the weeds, the pieces of your life that are no longer growing and flourishing. This has made room in the garden for new plantings which await one’s attention. That last step of releasing, of pruning back, of pulling out of the soil is often the most difficult. One waits for the right moment, for that piece that fits into the plan. Much energy can be expended on holding this position and waiting for the right moment. When that moment arrives, and often not when expected, or in the way which was anticipated, then that great shove towards the new life and rebirth releases a burst of energy that is both liberating and simultaneously full of sadness The burden of the old is lifted and there is new space to be filled. Exciting possibilities await these new explorations, the new plantings. Step by step the soil is prepared awaiting the new growth.This May, plant something you love in that freshly tilled soil. Your inner Empress is pregnant with possibilities knowing that time and care will give birth to a new chapter in your life. Celebrate this lush time of growth and energy, breathe deeply of the green life force that surrounds us in the Pacific Northwest.

Scorpio Full Moon April, 2016

April 21, 2016 notes the arrival of the Scorpio Full Moon. Intense, truth seeking, loyal, and perseverance are all hallmarks of the fixed signs.  Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus. Earthing the dream, the desire, the hope, the heart. Determination to reach your goal.  Moon on the Ascendant, Sun on the Descendant of this chart.  Relationships, me and us, legal matters, friend or enemy?  Fixed signs have the tendency to see things in black and white. This allows for the drive towards the goal. All energy pushing forward.  This is a magical Full Moon, as so much is held beneath the surface with the sign of Scorpio.  Mysteries are uncovered as Taurus Sun exposes the roots of the issue. Death meets the Hierophant and recognizes that it is time to move on, to leave the liminal zone and step through the doorway.  One seeks and one knows the truth of the situation with this Full Moon.  Illusion falls away. This lunation is ruled by Mars, which is currently retrograde, along with Saturn and Jupiter.  The Mars energy is associated with the Tower card and is the number one healing card of the deck.  It allows breakthrough and healing of old wounds and unfinished business. Those retrogrades are slowing things down, taking us back to the fall of 2015, reviewing the plan, updating and making changes.  Slow and steady as she goes, one step after another.  Although, this lunation has Uranus with Venus, so sudden insights or changes of direction can be expected with finances and relationships.  Those relationships can be with those things that you love to do, that bring you joy.  Living in accordance with your belief system and with that which you value, is a message of this Full Moon.  Full Moons are release points. Scorpio transformation can be so difficult, tough and full of grief.  Time to lighten that load, and clear the bowl of old debris, so you can refresh that big cup of joy. Scorpio’s modern ruler is Pluto, and the Lord of the Underworld, our inner world, is having a conversation with Jupiter, opportunity, and Mercury, communication, perception and perspective. Trust yourself, and pay attention to your inner world, your feelings.  Whether or not you choose to communicate the reason for your actions is up to you.  This point has not been reached lightly. Make sure to go outside and breathe deep at this Full Moon.  Imbibe the mystery.


Mercury will be turning retrograde on April 29th for three weeks.  The trickster at work. Pay attention to the small print. Revisit past opportunities. Trust your own judgement.


Recently, I did a Talk on Tarot at the Yelm Public Library.  I had such a great response from the guests that I am considering teaching a Tarot class again, possibly at the new Yelm Community Center.  Please email me if you are interested in a class.  I will have you reading Tarot at the end of the first session:)) Tarot is such a useful tool for problem solving,  I love teaching and sharing with those who are interested.


Your expired Living Social vouchers never expire with me.  If you purchased one in the past, it will always be accepted.  I have a complete list of unredeemed vouchers, so please feel free to schedule a reading if you are one of these individuals.

Scorpio Full Moon

New Moon April 7 2016

                                        Aries New Moon April 7, 2016

                                     The New Moon of April occurs on April 7, early in the morning.  There is much  going on with this lunation.  We  have Uranus, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Moon and Sun involved in the cosmic dance. In Tarot, that would be The Fool, The Tower, Judgement, The World, The High Priestess and The Sun. Imagine having all that energy in your living room, competing for your attention. Leaps of Faith, Willpower, Reaping what you have Sown, Breakdowns and Breakthroughs, End  of the Story, Intuitive Awareness (intuitive awareness would be the keyword for every new moon). This new moon is joined to the energy of The Fool, ruled by Uranus. Leap of faith, out of the blue, the unexpected, something new is coming our way. This can be challenging and exciting simultaneously. Comes at a price though.  And that price is Pluto. The Uranus-Pluto square may be separating from exact, but we will feel the effects of this square for years to come. Imagine how long it takes you to clean out the garage.  You have plans to do this, but stuff keeps piling up. You move some of it out, the stuff at the front, but all those things buried at the back, that takes a huge amount of energy to clear. The clearing away requires a look at some things that have remained hidden, that unseen baggage dragging you down. Some of that stuff was once valuable to you, but now has lost its importance, and needs to be released. Cleansing, cleaning, lightening of the load. This is Saturn’s involvement, the rebalancing of the load, the reworking of the script. Change comes, at a cost, but Saturn is trine (easy conversation) with the new moon, so once the load is lifted, it does not seem so important to have to let go of that which had been carried for a long time.  So long, that you might not have realized how much unnecessary weight was being carried. There have been plenty of road signs indicating the direction, or perhaps the wrong direction. Meaning, don’t go this way. Which way do I go then?  Aries, the wayshower, the spark of life, the individuation of the self, the I am doing it my way sign of the zodiac.  Cardinal fire, you can’t have much more new energy than that.  This new moon is ruled by Mars in Sagittarius. Mars, the energy of The Tower in the realm of Temperance. Patience and drive will get you home, or at least to your destination. Here is the kicker.  Pluto and Mars are about to turn retrograde. Review, reconsider, reevaluate, redirect, renew, etc. Rulers of Scorpio, where, by chance, Saturn will be revisiting on its own retrograde wheeling. The plan changes, The story is reworked. That cleaning out makes space for something new to take root. Use this cardinal fire energy to burn away some of that old trash.  Go outside, build a fire, light a candle, bring the energy of Aries into your life. This new moon rocks your foundations, your daily to and fros, your communication, and the groups you are associated with, friends, acquaintances, those that share a vision. Death to the old, bring in the new.  The leader of this dance of planets is Jupiter, The Wheel of Fortune, which is also in retrograde. Gifts from the past are reoffered, choices once dismissed, are revisited. That one box at a time plan is put on the front burner. This chart is heavily weighted to the eastern hemisphere. Do it your way, sunrise in your life.


The Sun joins Uranus on April 10th. Surprises will surround this event.   On the 19th, Sun into the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Quite a change from this topsy turvy rigamarole of this new moon. Now, what do I want to put back in that garage?  Breathe deep, live in that zen moment, slow down, and begin to build. Hands in the earth, bring that plan to ground.


Aries New Moon